Sylvan Elves Pt. 3


I’ve had a chance the last few days to get the elves to the point of “almost finished”.  For the display board I used an adhesive floor tile from my local home improvement store and glued it to a piece of cardboard for added stiffness.  This was coated with black sand from the dollar store and drybrushed a few different shades of green and yellow.



I decided to go with the angled design as I did with the Undead Legions of Shadow and framed it with a few pieces of stained decorative wood trim.

Last summer when I was visiting my local Rock & Gem show I came a cross a vendor selling Lucite flower jewelry and picked up a few bags:


I started the bases by gluing down some coffee grounds which i then drybrushed green and yellow before adding flower colored flock and a few leaves from a GW wood elves kit:



These were followed by the Lucite flowers:









Eventually I’ll add the Forest Spirit miniature and base the statue and pillars but I think I’ll save that for rainy day when I need to break off from something else (I can’t have all my projects completed – I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!).

Thanks for taking a look!

Night Owl


Sylvan Elves Pt.2


I was able to get a bit more done on the elves this weekend and wanted to share an update.  In the last post I spoke of having to choose between the elves of Disciples and HOMM and I came to realize that it doesn’t have to be one or the other so I took a little from both and came up with a happy compromise.

On the back row from left to right we have an Oracle (healer), a Scout (archer – ranged) and Mage (ranged):


Next we have another Scout, another Oracle and a third Scout:


Front row left to right is a Centaur Lancer and a Sprite:


Middle are a War Dancer that had his sword replaced with a pole (a la Shaolin monk) and the Hero:



The Hero is a bash of a GW wood elf torso and head, a set of WF Persian legs and a Reaper Bones unicorn.  I took some antlers off a plastic deer to add a little decor to the headset:




Lastly the other Centaur Lancer and Sprite:


For decor I found a dollar statue and some wedding cake decorations that were painted up and weathered:


Hopefully this week I’ll some spare time to get them based,  set on a display board and work on the Spirit of the Forest Miniature.

Thanks for taking a look,

Night Owl


Sylvan Elves


It’s been a while since I’ve worked on the Elemental Tribes project and the excitement of the upcoming Frostgrave release has inspired me to work on another clan.  Now while I wouldn’t consider “life” to be an element I would consider it to be a source of magic.  I really had trouble deciding how to do the elves.  On one hand I had the lovely inspiration of the darker autumn elves from the Disciples franchise:



On the other I had the vibrant spring themed elves of Heroes of Might & Magic:


Because of the Reaper Bones miniatures I have on hand I decided to go with the latter.

So without further ado I introduce Sylvan Elves of the Life Tribe.


I picked up some Hero clix  faeries a while back when I first started the idea of doing Elemental Tribes, so long ago in fact that I don’t remember what they were originally.  I think Hornet or something along those lines.  After unsuccessfully trying all kinds of methods to strip the paint from these gals I finally gave up and just painted over them.  The detail is pretty blurry but they serve their purpose.  They are based on the sprites from Heroes of Might & Magic.


This week I’ve been working on a healer and a couple of archers:


I was able to add a mage and another archer this weekend:


I really wanted to gather and paint up a tribe of elves that represented a wilder and more tribal Druid-like feel than what I have seen available on the market.  Yes, GW does make some nice Woodies but the entire genesis of this idea stemmed from the idea of “using the miniatures I already have lying around with minimal additional purchases”.  I also didn’t want them to be armored or using any metal weapons as they would obtain all their resources from the forest so there will be some modifications coming up with the mage and a ranger who are both wielding swords.

More to come…


Night Owl


Tempest Elf Queen

A little while back my wife bought me a pack of Mantic Elves.  I, not being too fond of the sculpts, somehow convinced her to paint them.  She agreed. Awesome!  So as any encouraging husband would do I bought her some more and the Barros & Tempest Paladin Pegasus from Reaper.  Although she did finish the elves, bases and all (and I thought she did a great job) the painting of 40 elves turned out to be a rather unpleasant experience for her.  She swore she’d never paint an army of anything again and would rather focus on individual miniatures.  That’s cool – in fact she is currently working on an incredible witch and scarecrow set.

Anyhow, I thought since the Pegasus has just been lying around I would paint it up for her to match her elves for Christmas.  So…


The mount itself was pretty straightforward.


I decided to mix things up at this point and convert the rider with a GW Glade Guard torso/head.  I cut the wrist and reattached the bow 45 degrees and added a wood elf banner from the bits box.



Then I added a cloak from the old hunchback chaos warriors set.


I had to figure out some way to elevate it and wasn’t too sure about the contraption it came with so I glued a large nail through the base and then glued in a washer to add weight.



I didn’t have any clear acrylic around so I found a blue-tinted mechanical pencil and used a rotary tool to cut the tube down to about 4 inches.


I attached a rare-earth magnet to the top of the plastic tube and another to the belly of the mini and viola:


The elves have a sand and sea based theme so I went with sand for the base.







So hopefully this will erase some of the bad memories of the elves and we can get a game of KOW in over the holidays!



Thanks for taking a look,

Night Owl