DIY Canvas Battlemat

This is a project that has been on my need-to-do list all summer but I was never able to get to it for some reason.  Now that we are waking up to frosty mornings I thought I had better get it done before Old Man Winter decides to settle in for good. A flexible and portable battle mat that can be rolled up and stored away is the answer to anyone with space issues.


There are a few really nice tutorials online describing how to make these and I followed them almost to a tee and am really happy with the results.

I started with a 9 X 5 piece of canvas drop cloth that I picked up at my local super center along with a half a dozen tubes of acrylic latex caulk.  I already had the clamps, the caulk gun and the craft paints so I’m in for about a twenty spot and I’ve enough canvas left over for another 4×4 mat.


I cut the mat in half, clamped it snug, and spread out my first layer of caulk.  The plastic spreader you see in the above picture only lasted about 3 minutes before the handle broke so I would advise investing in a metal handled tool.


I let this dry over night and went back the next day to add texture.


I tried using a crumpled up plastic bag but found the results weren’t really any different from the sponge to my eyes so I stuck with the sponge for the whole process.  The sun is shining through the window giving a strange effect and the silhouette of the dwarven mountain on the right.



I gave it a base coat of brown craft paint.


Then I followed that with a dry brush of successive greens and tans until I liked what I saw.


I sealed it with an acrylic clear spray and let it dry again over night.


Last night I cut it to 4 X 4 and brought it in and set it up with some terrain pieces.


I have to say that this project really is as easy as it looks – how often does that happen?  I will be doing more of these in the future and would encourage anyone to give it a try if you’re in need of an inexpensive battle mat.


Night Owl



World Map Hex Boards, Farm Houses & Dungeon Crawls…OH MY!


It seems this past week has had me working on several projects simultaneously but not really making any progress on any of them.  “Waffling” was the term an old economics professor liked to use, although I prefer the term “prepping”.  I have a few things to post this week and hopefully they’ll all catch their stride now that some things are in place.  I could have posted them all as separate topics but why not throw everything on the table at once?  It is more fun that way right?

First is the DIY World Hex map:

This has been made using the same technique as the skirmish Battle Board but using a 1 inch hex instead of a 2 inch:


Back during the holiday break my brother-in-law and I spent an afternoon creating a handful of little buildings using trim wood.  We used a band saw and a belt sander and came up with quite a little collection of village pieces.


They’ve been sitting patiently waiting for their turn in the queue along with all the other projects.  These will be used as markers designating resource centers and city/skill upgrades for the game.


I also received my resource tokens from  Mayday Games.  This is the King’s Deluxe Wooden Token Set and the Energy/Lightning Bolt Token set.  They will represent the resources stone, wood, gold and faith.


Another project that I finished was the Linka Farm House:



I took break last weekend and tried out some the rules I’m using to see if they transfer over to a dungeon crawl solo run.  Nothing too heavy, as it needs some adjustments for that setting, but I think it will work for a quick play set of rules or one for kids, families,  or those just getting into tabletop dungeon crawls.





After posting all of this I suppose that I actually have made some progress.  The nice things about this blog is it does help to keep me focused and on track with where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m going.   So my goal next week is to work on the World Map and get it to the point where I can start some play-testing on that side of the game.

Thanks for dropping by,

Night Owl