Medieval Danish Army

This is more or less a progress pic dump of a historical medieval Danish army I’m working on. Everything has been individually based for versatility to used in different rule sets such as Kings of War Historical and Lion Rampant.


This army consists of Fireforge, Perry Brothers, Conquest and Gripping Beast miniatures.









Test of Honour Terrain

Lately I’ve taken an interest to Eastern themed wargames. Test of Honour by Warlord Games and Ronin by Osprey games both seem to be good entry points for this. I picked up some of the Sarrisa terrain for the shop. Normally I’m not a big fan of MDF kits because at the end of the day they look like, well, MDF kits. I thought with these structures being constructed of wood however, I could add some stain and still get a realistic model.

The first was the Dojo.


I wanted to keep the red to a minimum as I was trying to capture a more authentic historical look.


Next was the Temple Gatehouse. This kit is huge and I have to say it was an absolute joy to build.



I hope to see them out on the table soon!

How to stain Hirst Art blocks


This is a quick series of pics to show how I stain my Hirst Arts blocks. I use an old jelly jar and fill it about 80% full with rubbing alcohol. Then I add 4-10 drops of black India ink depending on how dark I want the stain to be. Put the lid on and shake well.20180522_141120

Next I use hemostats or tweezers to dip the block into the stain solution.20180522_141129

Let dry for a couple of hours.20180522_141158

I also use sepia colored inks for a nice sandy grey to mix.20180522_141845

Super easy!

Lost and Found (aka looking backward to see forward)

Well it seems that my ju-ju has dried up for the time being.  This is a result of many things that all fall under the category of life so we won’t delve into them here.  As a result I thought this would be a good time to look back and do a mental inventory of finished and unfinished projects from the past year, not to float my boat but just to see where I am at.  I always have the unnerving feeling that 99% of the projects I start are left unfinished due to the “new and shiny” syndrome that so many of us suffer from in the hobby.  To my surprise this really isn’t as bad as I thought.  I think it is because some of the projects I’ve started are multi-part large projects that I can chip away at in segments.

2014 brought:

Battle Board Skirmish Game and Armies (ongoing):

  • Frost Barbarians – Frost
  • Storm Elves – Lightning
  • Inquisitors- Divine
  • Undead – Shadow
  • Demons – Magma
  • Jade Empire – Cloud Tribe

Still need:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Arcane
  • Water
  • Runic
  • Air
  • Wood
  • Clay
  • World Map Hex Terrain
  • Few more skirmish Hex boards

Linka based Stalingrad ruins

Magic Kingdom Zombie Infestation (ongoing)

  • Adventure Land

Still need:

  • Frontier Land (Western)
  • Fantasy Land (Fantasy)
  • Tomorrow Land (Sci-Fi)

Chaos Tree

Cthulhu (needs basing)

Based Buildings

Battle mat

South West Territory Skirmished (ongoing)

  • Mormon Militia
  • U.S. Infantry

Still need:

  • U.S. Cavalry
  • Natives
  • Terrain

Christmas gift if time permits:


Categorized and verified contents on inventory of 350+ board games:




Upcoming in 2015:

In addition to adding to the previous list of ongoing projects I will be exploring:

Stalingrad Winter 1942 20mm (both factions)

Sedition Wars Miniatures

Steam punk Cosplay

Mantic Orc/Orx Marauder Army Set (to be split into fantasy & sci-fi)

Hirst Arts Modular Mini Dungeon for RPG use

Lots and lots of sci-fi and post-apoc terrain

Miniatures light box

28mm Araby Warhammer Fantasy Army

…and many more surprises in between.


Thanks to all who have stopped by at one time or another to see what was going in my world and stay tuned for that Christmas surprise!

Night Owl

Breaking News: Zombies have taken over Disney World!!!

Firstly, I should preclude this project with the following statement:  I am a huge fan of Walt Disney, the man and his vision.  I grew up going to Disneyland and have visited Disney World six times in the last 20 years – not an easy trip to make from Colorado.  I can’t wait to back.

That said my newest project involves the desecration of my favorite place.  Well, kinda.  Confused yet?  Rather it involves the liberation of my favorite place.  I’ve always wanted to recreate Disney Park attractions but what do I do with them once their built?  I’ve found a solution – wargaming!


Quick back story (to be fleshed out at a later time):

Day 1:  A new mutated strain of the brain eating parasite infects a frog in a drainage ditch somewhere in DW.  An opportunistic egret decides this flailing amphibian is an easy meal, proceeds to devour it and returns to its roost in a nearby tree.

Day 2: The bird now infected by the parasite and not thinking clearly flies off and lands in the Blizzard Beach Water Park before opening hours and perishes in the large wave pool.  Employees, upon discovering the bird, net it out and dispose of it following the normal sanitary procedures.  The parasite has however has mutated to become immune to chlorine and the normal shock chemicals of the pool and can be transmitted via airborne methods like the flu.  The attendance today is over 5000 people.  The infected return to their resorts and hotels.

Day 3: The next morning 4000+ of the infected gather in different parks:  The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, etc.  This results in 120,000 infected park attendees…you know where this is going, right?

Day 4:

Yep, you guessed it.  Zombies have taken over Disney World!  Cheesy? Yea, but hey, c’mon it’s zombies.

I have acquired a few Disney play sets over the years from second-hand stores but will have to make most myself.  The story begins on day 5 after the parks have been quarantined and the military has been brought in.  Our first area to clean up will be Adventureland.  What do we think of first when we think of Adventureland?  Pirates of the Caribbean of course.









Also needed some scatter terrain for obstacles:





And the obligatory “Hidden Mickey” which I will add somewhere to random pieces:


So, another project to be visited on and off just to keep things exciting.

Stay tuned!


Night Owl

House Cleaning and a New Long Term Project

Busy, busy, busy.  This week has been about preparation for more projects.  The state of my hobby area has gotten…oh let’s say out of hand a little.  I realized that my hobby was taking over not only the front porch and the living room but now it was starting to spread throughout the house.  Whoa, time to reel things back in a little bit.  So after some planning I decided that more shelving would be needed and this is what we’ve come up with:


and this:


Now this might not seem like a big deal but if you knew what it looked like before you would know the magnitude of this weeks undertaking!

I also picked up a nice little gem at the thrift store.  I cannot find much information about it online other than it is some kind of architectural drafting tool cart.  Now I can organize some of the stuff that has been cluttering my workbench and open up some space.



Also, something exciting for this week is the beginning of a new project that has been floating around in my jellyfish brain for about a year.  On my commute to work the last few weeks I’ve noticed an intriguing old tree stump along the fence line of a rural intersection.  So the other day I finally stopped to check it out.  Well, I’ll the picture speak for itself:


What the hell are you going to do with a giant root ball Night Owl?  Well, I’ve always wanted to make my own version of an Elven Tree of Life.  Disney World has one in the Animal Kingdom park at real scale that is pretty impressive. Mine won’t be that big. I’ve been looking for the perfect piece to start with and just haven’t found it yet.  Maybe this is the one? It needs a power wash and some cleanup but I have hope for this project.  A little spruce up (did you see what I just did there?) in MS paint and maybe I can give you an  idea of what I’m looking to do:


A few waterfalls, some rope bridges, some lacey gazebos, hanging lanterns, mushrooms, and little forest creatures hidden everywhere amongst the tree.  This will be a scenic display board for my wood elf army.  28mm elven archers all over.  I envision almost an ISPY type piece that a person could look at for 30 minutes and still find things that they didn’t see before. Ambitious? Yes, probably, but hey – why not?  As I said this will be a long term project that I’ll update here off and on between my weekly posts when there is significant progress to pass along.  Stay tuned…!


Night Owl