Storm Elves are Finished and a Pleasant Distraction

It’s been a week of good distractions but I finally got the bases and display board finished up for the Storm Elves.  I went ahead and continued the lightning theme across the minis and the crystal terrain.  I was hoping for more of a dark stormy display board but found it almost impossible to model such a scene.  So I went with dark and wet.  I tried to run some lightning up the legs but it was utter failure so I just went with lightning running along the ground.



I went with the same process I used for the Frost Barbarians and framed it with trim.





It’s a lot blacker than these pics show so here are some earlier shots with the overhead light:





A fairly basic board but it does what it needs to do.  It’s nice to have these done and now I can get back to some of the core races that are going to be coming up.

The skirmish rules I’m making for this group will be fun.  A few of the spells and special abilities they will have:

  • “Shrouded by Rain” –  cut enemy ranged damage in half
  • “Hail Storm” – damage to an area (one hex plus any immediate surrounding hexes that might be occupied)
  • “Wall of Rain” – creates a barrier that the enemy will have to move around

More on this later, but to get an idea of where this is going take the PC games HOM&M and Disciples II & III and throw them into a blender with the board games Mage Wars and Summoner Wars.

I mentioned earlier about the good distractions. Last August my motherboard fried and I’ve using my tablet and my wife’s laptop ever since.  This weekend we finally got what we’ve been dying to get for a long time:


Oh baby!  240mm water cooled!  EVGA Super-clocked GTX 770 GPU!  27 ” 1920 X 1080 HDMI LCD monitor!

So, needless to say, most of my week end has been getting this beast up and running and exploring Skyrim on Ultra settings.  Wow, just wow!

There are those who debate that video games are a direct competitor of tabletop games.  I would disagree as in my experience one has always inspired the other.  I don’t buy into the “one or the other” mentality and believe that they can both not only coexist but actually feed each other.  I know in my case Heroes of Might & Magic and the Disciples lines got me thinking about getting back into miniatures while a WWII game called Faces of War, the precursor to Men of War, finally sent me over the edge – I just had to have some Panther IV’s to “blow up” with a squad of Allied foot soldiers.  So off I went to Plastic Soldier Company and the rest is history.  I’ve recently acquired some Pegasus Russian Great Coats that have been staring me down for a while.  It looks like I could have a detour from the fantasy stuff on the horizon…we’ll see.

Thanks for taking a look,

Night Owl



Storm Elves

The growing sound of rolling thunder…

The wall cloud of torrential rain…

The blinding flashes of static lightning…

The unnerving silence  just before the onslaught…

The Storm Elves are here.



For some time now I’ve had this idea floating around in my head but could never seem to find the right miniatures.  A race of elves that travel under the cover of storms.  Their primary element is lightning. They are very elusive and not much is known about them.  They aren’t good, they aren’t evil, but they surely kick arse whenever they show up.  They aren’t dark elves from the underworld, though some claim they might have evolved from them.

I had to do some kit-bashing to get what I was after so here is a list of what I used:

GW 40k Dark Eldar Wyches legs

GW Fantasy Glade Guard Torsos

GW Fantasy Glade Rider Heads

West Wind Evil Elf Shields

Wargames Factory Orc Blades and Persian Cavalry torso

Gamezone Miniatures Predator

Reaper Bones

I did not want them to look like like Warcraft Night Elves or policemen and I’m not too sure I succeeded on either of those fronts but it is what it is.

Here are the archers:





And the melee troops (apologies for the hemostats – these haven’t been based yet):




The healer:


The mage:


And the Champion:




I don’t have a clue how to base them.  Obviously it will entail water but I don’t really want them running around in the mud.  How do I model rain?  The ground troops all seem to be quite dynamic in their poses so in order to keep them from looking like they are falling over I’ll probably have to mount them on rocks to get the right look.


Edit:  Tonight I’ve been messing around with some basing ideas.  With some creative help from the TMP community I might go with something like this.

Wet ground and static lightning gathering from the surrounding area actually “charging” the Storm Elf.

Hmm…I think I like it.



Thanks for looking,

Night Owl