18 months later (…or what was I thinking?)


Although I tossed the idea around in my head for a long time it wasn’t until January of last year that I officially started this project.  A mix of Mage Knight, Mage Wars, BattleLore, Summoner Wars, etc. with miniatures. This week I wanted to zoom out and see where it currently is and take an assessment of what all I still need to do.  This is actually the first time I’ve gotten everything spread out at once and to be honest it’s kind of exciting and is re-energizing me to forge ahead with more.

I’m currently using some Heroscape hex terrain for the world map in order to get in more encounters and playtime.  I’m using the Hirst Arts cavern mold pieces for mountains and I’ve gutted a Disney monopoly board game that I picked up second-hand for cottages and castles along with some prototypes:


This is the look and flavor I’m trying to achieve:


The leaders enter the map where they battle to control cities in which they can purchase additional troops:


They will conquer and control mines, mills, temples, etc. which will allow them to gather resources such as gold, lumber, stone, faith, mana for spells, etc.:


They will encounter enemies as they explore:


When an encounter occurs the battle between the armies (Earth Tribe and Cloud Tribe below) takes place on another board representing the battlefield:





The cards keep track of individual troop statistics such as name and description, movement values, if they are melee or ranged, unit value (how many spaces they take up in the leaders army), attack rate and hit points.




At this point I have not come up with a name for this game and I’m still working on a few issues such as battle mechanics (we’re close), the logistics of gathering components to cast spells and how to balance and counter balance the elemental factors.  For instance, how will fire and ice interact?  How will clay and lightning interact?

I’m leaning towards giving each tribe a set of values that include all the elements present but that are stronger in some while weaker in others depending on where they fall on the spectrum.  In other words the Magma Tribe will be higher in fire and earth, the Divine Tribe will be higher in Arcane and Runic and the Air Tribe will be higher in Lightning and Frost.

The Fire Tribe will have an advantage over the Water Tribe with a high attack rate but low defense and vice-verse with the Water Tribe over the Fire Tribe.  All in all I’m trying to create some drama that will affect which enemies you have advantages and disadvantages against and who you choose to battle.


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World Map Hex Boards, Farm Houses & Dungeon Crawls…OH MY!


It seems this past week has had me working on several projects simultaneously but not really making any progress on any of them.  “Waffling” was the term an old economics professor liked to use, although I prefer the term “prepping”.  I have a few things to post this week and hopefully they’ll all catch their stride now that some things are in place.  I could have posted them all as separate topics but why not throw everything on the table at once?  It is more fun that way right?

First is the DIY World Hex map:

This has been made using the same technique as the skirmish Battle Board but using a 1 inch hex instead of a 2 inch:


Back during the holiday break my brother-in-law and I spent an afternoon creating a handful of little buildings using trim wood.  We used a band saw and a belt sander and came up with quite a little collection of village pieces.


They’ve been sitting patiently waiting for their turn in the queue along with all the other projects.  These will be used as markers designating resource centers and city/skill upgrades for the game.


I also received my resource tokens from  Mayday Games.  This is the King’s Deluxe Wooden Token Set and the Energy/Lightning Bolt Token set.  They will represent the resources stone, wood, gold and faith.


Another project that I finished was the Linka Farm House:



I took break last weekend and tried out some the rules I’m using to see if they transfer over to a dungeon crawl solo run.  Nothing too heavy, as it needs some adjustments for that setting, but I think it will work for a quick play set of rules or one for kids, families,  or those just getting into tabletop dungeon crawls.





After posting all of this I suppose that I actually have made some progress.  The nice things about this blog is it does help to keep me focused and on track with where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m going.   So my goal next week is to work on the World Map and get it to the point where I can start some play-testing on that side of the game.

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Frost Crystals and a Tease

I know,  I know.  This really is the last post for the Frost Barbarians.  Well…until I get their spells and unit cards designed.  I just keep thinking of more things that are needed to complete the army, that’s all.


While I was making scatter terrain last week I realized that I needed race specific as well as the neutral terrain.  So I took some crystals from the same mold and sanded the bases down at different angles and glued them to plastic  poker chips.


I based them, along with some plaster rocks,  with a baking soda, white paint and water mix and painted them with a neon blue and Future floor wax solution.


I couldn’t resist making a snow white hex board to go along with them so I could see how everything looked together so far.




Whew,  now I can move on to another army. Tonight I’ve been messing around with some color schemes for the next race and I think I like where I’m going to go with this.  In fact, I’d say they are electrifying!

Next week I’ll reveal the who and what but until then…



Night Owl



DIY Hex Battle Board

The project for this week is a hex based battle board.  From the first time I played Heroes of Might & Magic and Disciples PC games I have wanted to make miniature tabletop versions for myself.  Outside or ordering 2 inch hexes from a laser cutting company I have looked up and down to find something to make hexes with.  I finally found something!  The other day at Hobby Lobby I stumbled upon a 2 inch paper punch (bonus – it was 40% off all paper punch products!).  I also got a roll of 3/8 inch cork board.  Simple, I’ll punch out 2 inch cork hexes and glue them down.   Well things didn’t go so well.  I broke the plastic handle on the punch on the first test on card stock.  Turns out it is only rated to cut 65 lb. card stock or less.  So what do I do with a broken paper punch? Take it apart of course!


So what can I do with this?  A trip to Home Depot found us a 2 ‘ X 2’ piece of pink foam.  And thus we begin with a new project.



Just like using a cookie cutter at Christmas time.  Some advice – take your time.  I used a T square to line up my vertical lines.  I also started in the center and worked my way out one row at a time.  I did get a little off somewhere as the corner hexes differ a quarter inch from the edge but no big deal.

Next, I painted on two layers of water glue mix, letting the first dry before applying the second of course.


Then I found some house paint from the garage and added some sand texture, mixed this up and gave it a liberal base coat.



Then some spray paint and dry brushing for the finished product.  This board is a lot more olive green than these pictures show.


And finally, with some Reaper Bones miniatures for scale.


I still need to find some 1 inch trim to frame the edges for protection.  Total cost for this project was about $15  since I already had the texture sand and paint.

Till next time.


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