That’s a wrap for the earth tribe orcs

To say this week has been easy would be a bald-faced lie but I barely managed to get the orcs done just in time to start a new calendar year.


I carried the cocktail crystal theme throughout the skirmish force and really like the look.

Their spells are:

  • Wall of earth
  • Stone Rain
  • Stone Skin
  • Camouflage
  • Earthquake
  • Summon Earth Elemental


I have to admit that when I started this element I thought earth would be rather easy.  I’d throw some brown paint down and cover it with green flock – no such luck.  The more I realized earth was more about soil and rock and less about vegetation the more these guys veered off into a direction I wasn’t expecting.


I opted to use the textured wallpaper based with black and dry brushed with brown for my base colors.




They look pretty good on the hex board.




I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to play test these fellas as all of the rules around here at Game Changers just changed.  Change is good.  More on that in the coming weeks.

May your new year be filled with family, friends, health and prosperity.


Night Owl


Earth Tribe Cocktail Sword Crystals


I had a little time this evening to work on some terrain bases for the Orc Tribe.  I started out with some plastic poker chips, some Hirst Arts crystals from the #85 Cavern Accessory mold, and a few lava rocks from the flower bed.


Next, I sprinkled some coffee grounds on the exposed chip and sprayed the whole thing black.



Then I went back and dry brushed the rock and painted the crystals the same green and blue highlights that I used on the orcs.  I thought this looked a little drab so I took some fluorescent green cocktail swords and cut them up into smaller crystals.



Maybe it’s the CF daylight spectrum bulb I’m using at my workstation but wow did they ever pop!  I had a few pieces left over and decided to see how they would look on the earth element and I think it works.  In this case less is more as I just want to add some cohesion.


Cool, this is really bringing the elemental magic feeling to this race.  I was feeling they were a little flat so this is just what they needed.  I’ll see if I can get the rest of them done this weekend.

Thanks for taking a look,

Night Owl

Earth Tribe – Orc Conversions

This weeks new elemental tribe is the Earth Tribe.  I’ve decided to use Orcs for this clan instead of what might be the obvious elves for no reason other than I’ll be using them for the wood tribe.  Plus I’m still waiting for the Reaper Bones II kickstarter delivery that has the centaurs for that race.


This is a pretty good mishmash of parts and pieces.  I wanted to make my orcs a little different than the green ape-like orcs that are everywhere and more of an civilized tribal society with a tropical flair.  I started by using Mantic orc bodies and adding GW Chaos Marauder arms and GW Beastmen shields.



I wanted to go with earthy colors and gave them a brown skin with a green, tan and blue color palette, similar to the earth when viewed from space.  The ranged troops are using spears instead of bows and the healers are musicians.



I used the Reaper Bones Orc Hunter Spearman for the leader.  I cut of the right arm at the elbow and replaced it with a sword from the bits box.  I removed the spear remains from the left hand and added a shield.



I thought the shield was a little wimpy so I had to come up with something that would make it a little more severe.  I chopped some tips off two disposable flossing tools and attached them to the back of a bigger shield.



It’s a little over the top but, hey, he’s the leader and needs to be easily recognized anywhere on the table.


In addition, I added the Reaper Bones Earth Element to finish the clan out.


As usual everything still needs to be based and I need to come up with their magic spells.

More to come…


Night Owl