Divine Inquisitors Finished

The fourth race is finished.  The Inquisitors.


I started out the bases with what I call “turf”.  This is fine mulch that you get at the garden center.  I run it through an old coffee grinder for a few seconds. This breaks it up into a smaller scale particle but not enough to pulverize it into a powder so that it still has some texture.


Next I throw on some Woodland Scenics flock.


Then I top it with Secret Weapons’ Summer Leaf Mix:


I followed this recipe for the ruins and “greened it up” a little bit.




A few of the footmen:



The ranged crossbowman:


The Healers:



The Angel:


And the Grand Inquisitor:



I was painting this guy up and trying to come up with some background that would justify the ruins:

The Divine source is an ancient and mythical element.  It was fabled to be only a legend as it was oppressed long ago, however, pockets of devoted followers kept it alive under great secrecy.  The followers were poor and humble, yet stoutly proud.  Recently, rumors of it’s resurgence was thought to be only another passing cult.  Then the Angels arrived and the land knew that the Divine had indeed returned.

Some of their spells will be:

  • Cocoon of Light: 1 allied unit immune from attack for 1 turn
  • Sunstroke: 1 point of damage to 1 enemy unit
  • Sun Shower: 1 point of damage to an area (1 hex plus all six adjacent hexes)

I’m kinda get itchy to test a few of these skirmish groups.  I don’t know if I’ll have time but I would like to try out a few games this weekend.  The rules are scattered throughout a spiral notebook but I think I can pull it together enough to try out some basic mechanics.  If it happens I’ll make sure to take pics and post an update.

Thanks for taking a gander,

Night Owl




The Imperial Divine

The next race I’m introducing is the humans.  I went with a tan and red color scheme and am temporarily using an old Hirst Arts ruin that I made a long time ago.  I haven’t decided if I’ll use it or not.

Their element is Divinity so guess what their theme is all about?  That’s right – Angels!


I used an Ex Illis angel with a GW wood elf head swap.  I tried to paint the armor to resemble a polished enamel white.

Also in the group are some Kraken Alkemy miniatures, El Illis archers, Rusted Hero knights, an old Ral Partha wizard and, of course, some Reaper as well.





About half of these guys were already painted so this will be a pretty easy race to finish up.

Thanks for checking them out!

Night Owl