Elementals for the Cloud Tribe and Experimental Health Counters

This past week has been a little hectic so just a little blurp this week.  I recently acquired some Zephyrs from the Dark Age miniature line.  These are made of clear resin and I thought they would work good for my elementals.


Imagine my surprise when they arrived and needed to be assembled.  I don’t know why I expected something different, I guess the Reaper Bones line is spoiling me.


With some delicate assembly and a blue glaze I ended up with a nice little water elemental.


The next one I opted to leave clear so as to represent my air elemental.


These will both be used by the Cloud Tribe, and I’m thinking out loud here, but I would like to somehow create a synergy between the two that will allow them to work both individually and cooperatively.

For instance, they would default individually as what they are: water and air elementals.  But when they are on adjoining hexes they have the option to combine their forces to gain a bonus – maybe the ability to cast a Vapor Burst spell?  Something that goes along with the Cloud Tribe theme.  We’ll see.


There’s a third one that I’ll save for when I need an additional elemental.


Also, I have been banging my head for months trying to figure a way to create health counters for miniatures used on a hex board.  While using dice works fine on the larger battle mat it seemed too intrusive to use in the smaller board setting.

I happened across these numbered beads at my local super center priced at $1.97 this past week and thought they would be worth experimenting with.


Small and unobtrusive  – that’s good.


The idea is they start with X amount and as they take damage the bead is replaced with another with the appropriate value.




I haven’t played with them yet and my fear is that after a round or two with my big gorilla fingers this idea may get tossed to the wayside but it’s the closest thing I have found yet that isn’t distracting to the miniatures themselves.  Something themed to each tribe would be even better but I’ll work with this and see what happens.

Until next time,

Night Owl


The Cloud Tribe

It’s time for the next skirmish crew.  Introducing the Cloud Tribe.  Their main element of power is air with a water influence.


I’m using mostly the Alkemy Jade Empire miniatures for this race, with a few additions such as the WOTC Drunken Master and a few dollar store plastic tigers.



I’ve converted the Hell Dorado Soul Carrier upper body with a set of Persian cavalry legs and mounted him on a water ox that I found for a buck at the thrift store a while back.




Since air is readily available his job is to provide the water necessary to cast spells such as:

  • Cloud Shroud – cast on one allied unit will deflect one point of damage
  • Wind Burst – cast on enemy unit and forces that unit backwards 3 spaces
  • Layer of Fog – For two turns, all enemy movement is halved, all enemy ranged units do half damage
  • Air Elemental – Summons air elemental within 2 spaces of caster
  • Water Jet – launches jet of water doing one point of damage

Their animal companions are the Clouded Leopards (did anyone guess that last week?)  I tried to emulate the same pattern but bring in the blue and cream from the army color scheme.  At first I wasn’t completely sold on it but it is growing on me.




They obviously have an Eastern flavor to them so I wanted to continue with that theme and used an aquarium decoration for the display board.


I added a small waterfall and some plastic bamboo.




I still need to base the miniatures and come up with some kind of cloud or water crystals.  I’ve got some Christmas ornament icicles that may be worth experimenting with.  That will keep me busy this week.

Thanks for looking,

Night Owl