Dungeon Crawl Progress

I haven’t posted in a while and thought maybe an update might be in order.  The last few weeks has found me casting more modular dungeon pieces and because there isn’t much to show that wasn’t shown in the last post I thought I would do a mock set up and get an overview of the project.  My goal is to cast enough to set up a dungeon crawl for an all day or two evening run.  Here’s what we’ve got so far:


The amounts of each module are below.  I have not used them all to arrange this layout.  I would like to have at least two of each for any configuration that I can come up with.

Wall – 1×2          6
Wall – 2×2         20
Wall – 3×2         8
Wall – 4×2         36
Wall – 5×2
Wall – 6×2

Corner – 2×2     35

Floor – 1×1         6
Floor – 1×2        14
Floor – 2×2       22
Floor – 3×2       4
Floor – 4×2       19
Floor – 5×2       1
Floor – 6×2

Floor – 1×3        2
Floor – 3×3        1

Floor – 4×4       2

Floor – 6×6       1

Room – 3×3      1
Room – 4×4
Room – 5×5      4
Room – 6×6      1
Room – 7×7
Room – 8×8
Room – 9×9
Room – 10×10

Cavern Pieces –  77



I’m using a 4 X 4 DIY battle mat as a base since I don’t have the cavern floor tiles mold.








In all honesty, looking at it as a set I’m rather disappointed in the color.  Everything has a alcohol/ink wash base and I was hoping this would be enough but no such luck.  The colors looked good at first but as they completely dried over time they really kinda went bland and ran together more than I thought they would.  The walls are brown and the floors are black but it’s hard to see that from a distance so I think I’ll go back over them with some strong dry brushing to help make them pop.

Although I dread the time it would take I really like the random colorization of the field stones.  A good example of this can be found on hosercanadian’s blog here: https://hosercanadian.wordpress.com/2015/01/25/going-down-to-the/.  His random card generating dungeon system is what inspired this project after all so take a look!

So where it stands now is that I still need to keep at the casting grind for a while.  The weather here has started to warm up so maybe I can put it into overdrive for a bit and get it knocked out.  Also, keeping me busy is the acquisition of the new D&D 5th ed release.  While I haven’t actually played the pen & paper version of D&D since the early 80’s I keep hearing good things about it and finally caved in.  This tabletop set up could help me to relearn the system after all these years.

Thanks for looking,

Night Owl


Spelunking anyone?

My wonderful wife and kids got me the Cavern molds #81 & #82 from Hirst Arts for Christmas. I’ve been eying them for a while now and am excited to mess around with them.  Like most of Bruce’s stuff there is often more than meets the eye once you start getting comfortable with the pieces.  At this point I’m just working with vanilla straight out of the mold stuff.


I started out with a few casting sessions and got everything primed up.  I use the cheap flat black Wal-Mart brand for this stage.


Next I’m using a base coat of brown and then successively highlighting with Creamcoat bamboo and spiced tan.  Lastly I gently highlight the highlights with green, blue, purple, etc. to get that deep mineral look.  This is all finished with a layer of Modpodge matte finish.


The pools get a treatment of midnight blue, a neon green wash and a gloss varnish.






Really excited to work with these and am surprised at how fast it fills up an area.  The pics of the set up consists of 10 casts of both molds.  At this rate it shouldn’t take long at all to get a pretty good sized layout.  Bruce’s molds can be found at www.hirstarts.com.

Also managed to get in a game of Agricola the other night.  This is a new one for us so we’re learning on the family level or “demo tutorial” as we like to say.  Fun game that I’d recommend if you get the chance to play.



Thanks for taking a gander.

Night Owl