That’s a wrap for the earth tribe orcs

To say this week has been easy would be a bald-faced lie but I barely managed to get the orcs done just in time to start a new calendar year.


I carried the cocktail crystal theme throughout the skirmish force and really like the look.

Their spells are:

  • Wall of earth
  • Stone Rain
  • Stone Skin
  • Camouflage
  • Earthquake
  • Summon Earth Elemental


I have to admit that when I started this element I thought earth would be rather easy.  I’d throw some brown paint down and cover it with green flock – no such luck.  The more I realized earth was more about soil and rock and less about vegetation the more these guys veered off into a direction I wasn’t expecting.


I opted to use the textured wallpaper based with black and dry brushed with brown for my base colors.




They look pretty good on the hex board.




I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to play test these fellas as all of the rules around here at Game Changers just changed.  Change is good.  More on that in the coming weeks.

May your new year be filled with family, friends, health and prosperity.


Night Owl


Earth Tribe Cocktail Sword Crystals


I had a little time this evening to work on some terrain bases for the Orc Tribe.  I started out with some plastic poker chips, some Hirst Arts crystals from the #85 Cavern Accessory mold, and a few lava rocks from the flower bed.


Next, I sprinkled some coffee grounds on the exposed chip and sprayed the whole thing black.



Then I went back and dry brushed the rock and painted the crystals the same green and blue highlights that I used on the orcs.  I thought this looked a little drab so I took some fluorescent green cocktail swords and cut them up into smaller crystals.



Maybe it’s the CF daylight spectrum bulb I’m using at my workstation but wow did they ever pop!  I had a few pieces left over and decided to see how they would look on the earth element and I think it works.  In this case less is more as I just want to add some cohesion.


Cool, this is really bringing the elemental magic feeling to this race.  I was feeling they were a little flat so this is just what they needed.  I’ll see if I can get the rest of them done this weekend.

Thanks for taking a look,

Night Owl

Undead Skirmish Party Finished

Well these went a lot quicker than I thought they would.

I used some old 30mm Confrontation bases because I thought the texture was a close enough match.  I primed them, shot them with some Krylon Almond, and drybrushed them with the same muddy brown I used on the display board.


The undead are the only race so far that will not have a tier 5 spell which summons a large creature.  They will have a powerful level 4 spell, however, to balance that out (I hope anyway, we’ll see when we playtest!)

They will have:

  • Wall of Death
  • Shadow Strike (one ranged damage to one enemy unit) / Rigor Mortis (slows one enemy unit to half speed for one turn)
  • Plague (-1 to enemy defenses)
  • Darkness (paralyze all enemy ranged units for one turn)
  • Reanimate (raise and control one dead allied or enemy unit with half of starting health and half move points)




So that’s it for the Shadow Tribe and the fifth race.

I think next week I’ll take a break from the minis and start some work on the World Board.


Night Owl


Divine Inquisitors Finished

The fourth race is finished.  The Inquisitors.


I started out the bases with what I call “turf”.  This is fine mulch that you get at the garden center.  I run it through an old coffee grinder for a few seconds. This breaks it up into a smaller scale particle but not enough to pulverize it into a powder so that it still has some texture.


Next I throw on some Woodland Scenics flock.


Then I top it with Secret Weapons’ Summer Leaf Mix:


I followed this recipe for the ruins and “greened it up” a little bit.




A few of the footmen:



The ranged crossbowman:


The Healers:



The Angel:


And the Grand Inquisitor:



I was painting this guy up and trying to come up with some background that would justify the ruins:

The Divine source is an ancient and mythical element.  It was fabled to be only a legend as it was oppressed long ago, however, pockets of devoted followers kept it alive under great secrecy.  The followers were poor and humble, yet stoutly proud.  Recently, rumors of it’s resurgence was thought to be only another passing cult.  Then the Angels arrived and the land knew that the Divine had indeed returned.

Some of their spells will be:

  • Cocoon of Light: 1 allied unit immune from attack for 1 turn
  • Sunstroke: 1 point of damage to 1 enemy unit
  • Sun Shower: 1 point of damage to an area (1 hex plus all six adjacent hexes)

I’m kinda get itchy to test a few of these skirmish groups.  I don’t know if I’ll have time but I would like to try out a few games this weekend.  The rules are scattered throughout a spiral notebook but I think I can pull it together enough to try out some basic mechanics.  If it happens I’ll make sure to take pics and post an update.

Thanks for taking a gander,

Night Owl



Frost Crystals and a Tease

I know,  I know.  This really is the last post for the Frost Barbarians.  Well…until I get their spells and unit cards designed.  I just keep thinking of more things that are needed to complete the army, that’s all.


While I was making scatter terrain last week I realized that I needed race specific as well as the neutral terrain.  So I took some crystals from the same mold and sanded the bases down at different angles and glued them to plastic  poker chips.


I based them, along with some plaster rocks,  with a baking soda, white paint and water mix and painted them with a neon blue and Future floor wax solution.


I couldn’t resist making a snow white hex board to go along with them so I could see how everything looked together so far.




Whew,  now I can move on to another army. Tonight I’ve been messing around with some color schemes for the next race and I think I like where I’m going to go with this.  In fact, I’d say they are electrifying!

Next week I’ll reveal the who and what but until then…



Night Owl



What color is magma?

After trying numerous ways to come up with some kind of a terrain and basing technique that would represent the element of magma I believe I’ve finally found it.  I tried cracked lava, brimstone and cinder but none of them really jumped.  What I realized is that it wasn’t the texture that wasn’t working as much as the color.  Magma isn’t so much represented by a color but by a brightness of light. In other words it has its own light source.  That proved to be the hurdle that I overcame by getting some neon paints.


So I started out with a 12″ by 12″ piece of foam and shot it with red spray paint.  The aerosol propellant in spray paints slightly melt the foam giving it a bubbly texture.  I sprayed multiple times over certain areas to represent magma flows.


I then painted on neon yellow and neon orange in the recessed areas, followed that with gloss and a black dry brush.


That was easy enough but how do I get the bases to match? I started by laying down a layer of glue:


I gathered some perlite from the garage.  Perlite is volcanic glass that has been superheated and caused to expand.  It is used as a soil amendment.  You can get this in the garden section of your local hardware store or super center for a few bucks.


Next I created a wash using equal parts neon orange paint, Future floor gloss acrylic and water and dripped this onto the base.  The perlite soaked up the mix and I let it dry.


The last step is to dry brush charcoal black lightly over the top of this:


I like the way this is working out so I’ll continue this process throughout the army.



I still have a few miniatures to paint for this army including the big guy.  Mmm…maybe black and purple?


Night Owl


Skating Away on the Thin Ice…

This is the final post for the Northern Barbarians project. This is one of 14 armies I’m gathering to use in my tabletop skirmish board game. I still would like to find another archer or two and perhaps a shaman miniature down the road but I’m pretty happy with how this played out.


Here’s a quick rundown of how I did this.






I have five trees and a campfire as fillers so that if someday I decide to expand the group I can add more figures.

As of now, this one is officially going to the display shelf.  Thanks for following along.


Night Owl