Medieval Danish Army

This is more or less a progress pic dump of a historical medieval Danish army I’m working on. Everything has been individually based for versatility to used in different rule sets such as Kings of War Historical and Lion Rampant.


This army consists of Fireforge, Perry Brothers, Conquest and Gripping Beast miniatures.









Test of Honour Terrain

Lately I’ve taken an interest to Eastern themed wargames. Test of Honour by Warlord Games and Ronin by Osprey games both seem to be good entry points for this. I picked up some of the Sarrisa terrain for the shop. Normally I’m not a big fan of MDF kits because at the end of the day they look like, well, MDF kits. I thought with these structures being constructed of wood however, I could add some stain and still get a realistic model.

The first was the Dojo.


I wanted to keep the red to a minimum as I was trying to capture a more authentic historical look.


Next was the Temple Gatehouse. This kit is huge and I have to say it was an absolute joy to build.



I hope to see them out on the table soon!

How to stain Hirst Art blocks


This is a quick series of pics to show how I stain my Hirst Arts blocks. I use an old jelly jar and fill it about 80% full with rubbing alcohol. Then I add 4-10 drops of black India ink depending on how dark I want the stain to be. Put the lid on and shake well.20180522_141120

Next I use hemostats or tweezers to dip the block into the stain solution.20180522_141129

Let dry for a couple of hours.20180522_141158

I also use sepia colored inks for a nice sandy grey to mix.20180522_141845

Super easy!

Work away from work.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to add anything to the blog. I’m making it a point to get back to usual updates.

A project that I’m currently working on at home is a French Napoleonic army set in 1805-1812 in 1/72 scale.


These are made by HAT and are a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a while but lack of time due to life getting in the way has been prohibiting any progress.  It feels good to paint again!

The first batch are the Grenadiers. These were the veterans who were of a more elite status receiving a bit more pay.


Second are the Voltigeurs. They were specialized light infantry skilled at marksmanship.


Along with these are two 12 pounders with crew.


Next on the burner are two more cannon and crews along with 56 Fusiliers who make up the bulk of the army.

18 months later (…or what was I thinking?)


Although I tossed the idea around in my head for a long time it wasn’t until January of last year that I officially started this project.  A mix of Mage Knight, Mage Wars, BattleLore, Summoner Wars, etc. with miniatures. This week I wanted to zoom out and see where it currently is and take an assessment of what all I still need to do.  This is actually the first time I’ve gotten everything spread out at once and to be honest it’s kind of exciting and is re-energizing me to forge ahead with more.

I’m currently using some Heroscape hex terrain for the world map in order to get in more encounters and playtime.  I’m using the Hirst Arts cavern mold pieces for mountains and I’ve gutted a Disney monopoly board game that I picked up second-hand for cottages and castles along with some prototypes:


This is the look and flavor I’m trying to achieve:


The leaders enter the map where they battle to control cities in which they can purchase additional troops:


They will conquer and control mines, mills, temples, etc. which will allow them to gather resources such as gold, lumber, stone, faith, mana for spells, etc.:


They will encounter enemies as they explore:


When an encounter occurs the battle between the armies (Earth Tribe and Cloud Tribe below) takes place on another board representing the battlefield:





The cards keep track of individual troop statistics such as name and description, movement values, if they are melee or ranged, unit value (how many spaces they take up in the leaders army), attack rate and hit points.




At this point I have not come up with a name for this game and I’m still working on a few issues such as battle mechanics (we’re close), the logistics of gathering components to cast spells and how to balance and counter balance the elemental factors.  For instance, how will fire and ice interact?  How will clay and lightning interact?

I’m leaning towards giving each tribe a set of values that include all the elements present but that are stronger in some while weaker in others depending on where they fall on the spectrum.  In other words the Magma Tribe will be higher in fire and earth, the Divine Tribe will be higher in Arcane and Runic and the Air Tribe will be higher in Lightning and Frost.

The Fire Tribe will have an advantage over the Water Tribe with a high attack rate but low defense and vice-verse with the Water Tribe over the Fire Tribe.  All in all I’m trying to create some drama that will affect which enemies you have advantages and disadvantages against and who you choose to battle.


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Night Owl


1/72 WWWII?


For a while now I have been considering how to incorporate some Weird World War II elements in to my growing 1/72 WWII collection.  I thought about the Dust Studios walkers and some of the Bones CAV stuff that will be on the market soon.  I came to realize that what I really wanted were some BIG walkers towering over the troops below and to achieve this I was going to have to do some “scale jumping”.  I had an opportunity to pick up a few of the 28mm Scotia Grendel Biped walkers for a clearance price I couldn’t pass up.  They appeared to be generic enough in style that they could be brought in and modified with some smaller details.



I added some DIY styrene cannon barrels and a commander from a Plastic Soldier Company kit.


These kits are resin metal hybrids and the resin parts (not my favorite material) do require a bit of time and patience to clean up.  I gave it a quick paint up involving primer, some washes and drybrushing:





Here it is scaled up with a couple of Dust Studios German walkers:


While building this model I managed to pique the interest of my teenaged daughter and we before we knew it we were able to get a game in using some home-brew rules that utilized the charts from Akula’s Bad Ar:se skirmish rules and here are a few shots:



My German squad flanking:


Her Russian answer:


The result:





Although she started out with some weak dice rolls she ended up prevailing in the end and kept the invading regime at bay.  All in all a fun time to be had.

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