My name is Night Owl.  I am a game hobbyist.  I like games.  Board games, tabletop games, video games, etc. I like to think that games transcend race, gender, age, and just about every other barrier. We’ve been playing games for thousands of years.  I like to build things for my games to further enhance my gaming experiences.  Do you ever play a game and ask yourself “wouldn’t it be great if…?”  I started playing TSR games (D&D, Gamma world) and painting miniatures in the early eighties but like many I drifted away as life progressed.  In the nineties I discovered the joy of model railroading but due to a lack of space the hobby only led to stacks of boxes.  I concluded that layouts are for looking at and watching but not neccesarily for interacting with.  Soon after I aquired a box of chaos warriors to build a fantasy chess set.  I still haven’t painted them!  Then came Neverwinter Nights, Disciples, Faces of War and Heroes of Might & Magic pc games.  Wouldn’t it be great if…I could play HoMM at the table with miniatures? Wouldn’t it be great if…I could recreate the setting of Bastogne in WWII using model railroad quality terrain?  Wouldn’t it be great if…I could build and show you the dungeon corridor instead of describing it to you?

Now you see how I got here.  Follow along and let’s see where I go.

Night Owl


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