Hot Glue Egg Sacs


With Easter just around the corner I thought I would share an easy afternoon project that anyone can do with the holiday leftovers.   I had some little plastic Easter eggs from a few years back that we used for a kid-friendly dungeon campaign with my girls that involved “kidnapping” a dragon egg for a pet.  We only needed two or three and the rest have been floating around in the parts bin ever since.  I took a few of these and some irregular floor bases (you know, the ones that have that weird bubble or that are too tall if they didn’t get scraped just right) and hot glued them together.



I used a paper plate and drizzled hot glued all over them and let them dry:



I drybrushed them with some old chalky white craft paint:


I experimented with some neon color washes just to see what might happen.  These could work good for a sci-fi or horror setting or if your going for that over the top World of Warcraft look which I kinda like sometimes.


I followed this with a very diluted black India ink wash just to contrast the brightness and give it a dustier look.





There you go – an easy project that takes little time and adds a whole bunch of atmosphere to an empty dungeon room.

And remember, those of you with little ones, when your cleaning up after Easter and throwing away all the “trash” to step back and take a better look at what you’re throwing out.  It could be a dungeon spider hatchery just waiting to happen.


Night Owl


Additional Tower and Blood Fountain


This week I was able to get another tower built for the Narthrax Bones mini.  While I did want it to stand out a bit from the rest I did not to overshadow the dragon or take away from it in any way so I kept it consistent at 4″ X 4″ like the others.


I built it a few layers higher and added a wood platform using the wood floor tiles from the cavern accessories mold to the top of the second floor for Narthrax to perch on.


I glued a magnet to the underside of this level but will wait until I paint the dragon to attach magnets to its feet.



While I was building this I got a little side tracked on another project (imagine that!).  I’m always fiddling with stuff while I’m waiting for glue and paint to dry and messed around with some blocks until I came up with a fountain.


I couldn’t help but to see this as a blood fountain.  Why?  I don’t know, I don’t need a blood fountain.  Something in my primal need to set up an old school hack n’ slash dungeon I suppose.


I drilled a hole into the bottom of the skull and added a piece of clear acrylic rod to form the start of the blood flow.


I used a layer of prime red acrylic paint, red ink, followed with gloss gel to simulate the blood pool.




This will be added to the ever growing collection of modular dungeon pieces.

Thanks for dropping by,

Night Owl


Messing with Narthrax


I’ve been working on a stronghold/fort using Hirst Arts blocks off and on for the last few months in what little spare time I’ve had between projects.  Some pieces get moved on to other projects and some stick around.  I’m not a hundred percent sure of the configuration yet but I think I am honing in it finally.



I don’t know if this is going to be a permanent diorama or if I’ll keep it available for gaming so I tried to make it as modular as possible.


I wanted to add some water features so I made a fountain and a couple of pools.



I used white glue to build up the water letting it dry for 24 hours between layers and then topped it with glass varnish before adding some lily pads.


I decided it wasn’t big enough so I added some more parts (and may still add some more).




So the timing was pretty good to try to figure out how to incorporate Narthrax into the project and for most of today I’ve just been playing around trying different set ups.






I think I will build a different tower that will be specifically for him and can be both part of this set and a stand alone base.  I’ve never casts with magnets but it looks like it might be time to learn just to keep him up where he belongs.

I’m getting excited enough about this project that all the others may have to be put on hold for bit!

Thanks for looking,

Night  Owl

Dragons and lasers

Well it finally showed up!  In October of 2013 Reaper Miniatures of Denton, TX successfully funded their second kickstarter: Bones II.  So , 17 months later a package shows up and I have to say it’s pretty impressive.  I won’t bore you with all the core stuff that 14,000 others are getting but I will share some of the add-ons:


A few brief thoughts:

The overall quality of this batch seems to be of a better balance and more consistent mix in terms of bones material and detail.  Yes, there are a few bendy swords – that’s to be expected at the preboil stage – but nothing that appears to have a permanent disconfiguration.

Biggest surprise:  Narthrax – while not the biggest of the group it is probably the best dragon sculpt I’ve come across.  So much movement and ferocity in the pose.  Hats off to sculptor Julie Guthrie!

Alright, with that out of the way, I wanted to share some of the miniatures from Studio McVey’s board game “Sedition Wars – Battle for Alabaster”  This was the result of another kickstarter that seemed to have really taken the brunt of rage hate for a while.  Luckily I picked it up after the fact for next to nothing strictly for the minis and feel like I got a good value.

First are the Vanguard:


I went with orange visors and blue as my secondary color.


I decided to have some fun here and go with brightly colored hair on a few of the female troopers in keeping with the Manga style.


And a group shot:


The Strain are pretty interesting miniatures.  There are a sci-fi zombie that has mutated and somehow grown or incorporated technological features such as hoses and tubes growing in and out of them as well as organic firearm appendages.


I coated their exposed “guts” with gloss varnish which really enhanced the horror factor and am looking forward to painting the rest of the crew.

That’s it for this one so I’m off to boil some bones.


Night Owl

WWII Russian Greatcoats

I realized tonight that I haven’t posted anything in a while and thought well instead of one giant post I’ll try to add something each day over the weekend and get back up to speed.  It’s not that I haven’t been working on stuff, although I do plead guilty to not stopping and taking pics as much as I would liked to have, it’s just that I’ve been bouncing around a lot with different projects.  So tonight I’ll post the latest addition to the 1/72 WWII topic.

Introducing the Russians:


These are the Pegasus WWII Russian Greatcoats released in 2013.  The plastic they use is interesting because even after washing with soap & water it still looks very glossy and feels greasy and I always felt like I needed to wipe my hands on something but there is never any residue on my fingers.  It took a little getting used to while working with it.



They are currently based with sand and I need to finish this up with a grey dry brush to match the rubble I used on the Linka building Stalingrad ruins.

Also by Pegasus are the T34/76 quick build models:




And lastly, the Plastic Soldier Company Russian 45mm anti tank guns




Well, there’s a good start to the Stalingrad Russian defending army.  Eventually I would to add some T-70’s, T-26’s and BA-6 armored cars.  Eh, all in good time!


Night Owl