The Cloud Tribe

It’s time for the next skirmish crew.  Introducing the Cloud Tribe.  Their main element of power is air with a water influence.


I’m using mostly the Alkemy Jade Empire miniatures for this race, with a few additions such as the WOTC Drunken Master and a few dollar store plastic tigers.



I’ve converted the Hell Dorado Soul Carrier upper body with a set of Persian cavalry legs and mounted him on a water ox that I found for a buck at the thrift store a while back.




Since air is readily available his job is to provide the water necessary to cast spells such as:

  • Cloud Shroud – cast on one allied unit will deflect one point of damage
  • Wind Burst – cast on enemy unit and forces that unit backwards 3 spaces
  • Layer of Fog – For two turns, all enemy movement is halved, all enemy ranged units do half damage
  • Air Elemental – Summons air elemental within 2 spaces of caster
  • Water Jet – launches jet of water doing one point of damage

Their animal companions are the Clouded Leopards (did anyone guess that last week?)  I tried to emulate the same pattern but bring in the blue and cream from the army color scheme.  At first I wasn’t completely sold on it but it is growing on me.




They obviously have an Eastern flavor to them so I wanted to continue with that theme and used an aquarium decoration for the display board.


I added a small waterfall and some plastic bamboo.




I still need to base the miniatures and come up with some kind of cloud or water crystals.  I’ve got some Christmas ornament icicles that may be worth experimenting with.  That will keep me busy this week.

Thanks for looking,

Night Owl




A Piece that has Haunted Me for over Two Years

Fall is a great season – hockey kicks off, frosty mornings, and the changing of the the colors on the Rocky Mountains.  So in tribute to the upcoming season of All Hallows Eve I decided to tackle a project that has been haunting me for over two years.  The Tree of Chaos:


I picked up this Micro Art piece during a Black Friday sale in 2011.  It was too good of a price to pass up.  I remember getting it, looking at it, and thinking “Oh gosh…what do I do with this now?”  So I put it back in the box and onto the shelf it went.

A year went by and after my wife and I “gifted” it back and forth a couple of times (we were both intimidated by it!) I finally decided it was time to paint it.  I cleaned it, primed it, looked at it closely and said “Oh gosh…what do I do with this now?”  So I put it back in the box and onto the shelf it went.


This week I decided to face my fears and jump in with both feet.




The irony is it only took me two evenings to paint it.  Other than the skulls on the base it was completely done with ink washes, glazes and dry brushing.  The key was I didn’t stop to over think anything this time.  I just grabbed it, started slapping brown on the bark and then I couldn’t stop.


I’m happy as all with the way it turned out.

The moral of the story for me is not to be afraid to try new topics, new methods, or new projects that might challenge my comfort zone.

I’ll end this weeks post with a little game.  Next week I’m starting a new race for my Battle Board Skirmish game.  The tribes’ element is in the name of the animal in this picture.  Can you guess what it is?

game element 2

(I’ll give you a hint: it is not a snow leopard)

Thanks for looking.

Night Owl

Zombie Adventureland Wrap-Up

Well this has been a fun project.  I added another 18 zombies to the group which brings me to 48  and leaves me with one sprue of each for future characters in Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

In trying to figure out who will be elected to eradicate the zombie problem I was faced with a challenge.  Do I send in the Disney Security?  S.W.A.T.?  Marines?

I decided in the end, and keeping with the ridiculous theme, that Action Jackson and friends would take care of the problem!


I didn’t think too much of these mini’s when they first arrived with the Reaper Bones I Kickstarter package but now I can’t imagine not having them.


Berkeley, from the zombie hunters:


and one Chronoscope mini, Rex:


We’ll be using the Total AR:SE Akula’s Rules for this one hopefully we can get a few games in one of these weekends.  I’ll post pics when we do.


There are still a few things I would like to go back and detail a little more and the suggested monorail platform is still on the burner as well.

I plan to build it generic enough that it can be switched out between the lands with just some sign changes.

Well, that about wraps this portion of this project up.

Thanks for following along and check back to see what I’m starting next (I’m not even sure yet so we’ll all be surprised together!)

Night Owl

Zombies get no respect

Sometimes when I’m binge painting up hordes of minis I think about work, schedules, life and all that yucky stuff.  Other times I am able to attain that state of “absolute nothing” – the Zen of miniature painting – that’s why I paint.  While painting up my Wargames Factory zombies I couldn’t shake the idea that all of these people were visiting Disney World on vacation when the “brain and flesh-eating infliction” struck.


These zombies aren’t getting the treatment they deserve.  There are mold lines that I missed, sloppy painting, gaps, etc. but they’re going to be used in such a way that each figure isn’t as important as the horde.  Sucks for them.

So in a satirical, tongue-in-cheek way I decided to make some back stories for these folks while I was painting them up.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Mason, from Plano, TX., on day 4 of their honeymoon vacation.

Mrs. Mason is all about getting selfies of herself in front of famous Disney landmarks to show off to her circle of Facebook friends.  Mr. Mason doesn’t care too much about any of it but he did get to ride in a NASCAR at the Disney NASCAR Adventure on the first day so he’s satisfied.


The Thompson family, from Douglasville, GA.,  are on day 3 of their family reunion.


The Andersons, from Peoria, IL., are on day 3 of their annual vacation.

They always stay at the Polynesian Resort. When their room wasn’t ready on their arrival they made a big scene in the lobby.  Mr. Anderson was last seen heading to the elevator mumbling something about “This is Obama’s fault”.


The Nelsons, from Pittsburgh, PA, are on day 2 of their vacation.

They came here with the intentions of repairing a broken marriage that involved affairs on both their parts.


The Sullivans, from Rochester, NY, are on day 5 of their vacation.

They won a free trip from a local car dealership drawing when they purchased their new car last year.
Their teenage kids are pissed because they’d rather be at Universal Studios.


Then there is Jimmy Wilson.  He started working here as a part-time summer employee at the now defunct El Pirata Y El Perico restaurant as a dishwasher a few seasons ago.  When it closed for refurbishing to become the new and improved Tortuga Tavern Jimmy got transferred over to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and has been there ever since.  When he came to work yesterday he had no idea that it would be last time he would ask guests to “Exit to the left please”.


Also is Jake Taylor from Reno, NV., on day 4 of his business trip.

Jake is a Chili’s restaurant General Manager.  He won last years Most Improved Sales award and was selected to be the guest speaker at this years convention over at the Contemporary Convention Center.  He believes that through his fool-proof method all the other managers can be just like him.  His favorite phrase, which his employees claim he has been known to repeat dozens of times per shift, is “This ain’t my first rodeo.”


Eddie, Steve-O, and Chad, from a Miami college, day 3.

They came up to the parks hoping to score by flexing their chest muscles.  And while the young ladies didn’t flock to them they were some of the first to get the “infliction” at Blizzard Beach a few days ago.


Lastly are the Robinson sisters, from St. Paul, MN on day 2 of their trip.

They grew apart over the years but with the recent death of their parents they decided to get together again and take a Disney trip.  Their poses are not due to the diseases but because they opted to wear high heels around the Magic Kingdom for 10 hours straight.


Ah, this is too much fun.

So next time your painting zombies remember to give them some love. They are more than masses of walking corpses.  They have feelings too…wait…now I’m going to far.

Thanks for sharing a laugh,

Night Owl