Landscaping Zombie World


One of the challenges with building Adventureland is the sheer amount of lush foliage.  I’ve always been impressed with the landscaping at Disney World.

On of the first things I needed to do was figure out a way to mass produce cheap trees.  I found some low drag golf tees at a local super center and a plastic “plant ball” at the craft store all for less than $6.00.


Next I used some Hirst Arts field stone casts to make some flowerbeds.


I filled them halfway with glue, let them rest for a couple of days and flocked them.  I put two half-barrel “stages” in so that different elements can be placed the flowerbeds such as statues, topiary, fountains and such thus allowing me to use these in different lands and projects.


Lastly, I took some Hirst Arts urns, fountain pieces, and wooden bowls to finish off the details.




What’s great about this project is that it will also give me terrain pieces for Pulp, Pirate, Persian and Infinity projects.  There is nothing better than getting multiple uses out terrain.

Until next week,

Night Owl



Breaking News: Zombies have taken over Disney World!!!

Firstly, I should preclude this project with the following statement:  I am a huge fan of Walt Disney, the man and his vision.  I grew up going to Disneyland and have visited Disney World six times in the last 20 years – not an easy trip to make from Colorado.  I can’t wait to back.

That said my newest project involves the desecration of my favorite place.  Well, kinda.  Confused yet?  Rather it involves the liberation of my favorite place.  I’ve always wanted to recreate Disney Park attractions but what do I do with them once their built?  I’ve found a solution – wargaming!


Quick back story (to be fleshed out at a later time):

Day 1:  A new mutated strain of the brain eating parasite infects a frog in a drainage ditch somewhere in DW.  An opportunistic egret decides this flailing amphibian is an easy meal, proceeds to devour it and returns to its roost in a nearby tree.

Day 2: The bird now infected by the parasite and not thinking clearly flies off and lands in the Blizzard Beach Water Park before opening hours and perishes in the large wave pool.  Employees, upon discovering the bird, net it out and dispose of it following the normal sanitary procedures.  The parasite has however has mutated to become immune to chlorine and the normal shock chemicals of the pool and can be transmitted via airborne methods like the flu.  The attendance today is over 5000 people.  The infected return to their resorts and hotels.

Day 3: The next morning 4000+ of the infected gather in different parks:  The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, etc.  This results in 120,000 infected park attendees…you know where this is going, right?

Day 4:

Yep, you guessed it.  Zombies have taken over Disney World!  Cheesy? Yea, but hey, c’mon it’s zombies.

I have acquired a few Disney play sets over the years from second-hand stores but will have to make most myself.  The story begins on day 5 after the parks have been quarantined and the military has been brought in.  Our first area to clean up will be Adventureland.  What do we think of first when we think of Adventureland?  Pirates of the Caribbean of course.









Also needed some scatter terrain for obstacles:





And the obligatory “Hidden Mickey” which I will add somewhere to random pieces:


So, another project to be visited on and off just to keep things exciting.

Stay tuned!


Night Owl