Undead Skirmish Party Finished

Well these went a lot quicker than I thought they would.

I used some old 30mm Confrontation bases because I thought the texture was a close enough match.  I primed them, shot them with some Krylon Almond, and drybrushed them with the same muddy brown I used on the display board.


The undead are the only race so far that will not have a tier 5 spell which summons a large creature.  They will have a powerful level 4 spell, however, to balance that out (I hope anyway, we’ll see when we playtest!)

They will have:

  • Wall of Death
  • Shadow Strike (one ranged damage to one enemy unit) / Rigor Mortis (slows one enemy unit to half speed for one turn)
  • Plague (-1 to enemy defenses)
  • Darkness (paralyze all enemy ranged units for one turn)
  • Reanimate (raise and control one dead allied or enemy unit with half of starting health and half move points)




So that’s it for the Shadow Tribe and the fifth race.

I think next week I’ll take a break from the minis and start some work on the World Board.


Night Owl



The Halls of the Dead using Hirst Arts molds

This weekend I was able to get my display board built up for my undead skirmish party.


It is finally warming up enough here in Colorado that I can start working on some larger projects out in the garage again.  I go on casting binges and load up all my cardboard flats with Hirst Arts castings.


I’m utilizing the field stone line of molds for this project and just for something different I decided to do a diagonal build for this race.


After some dry stack testing I glued it all up and let it sit overnight.  I really wanted this to be a Skyrim inspired build so I base coated everything in black.  For this project I’ve gone with earth tone back wall and a black foreground.  I really like the way the two-tone color scheme helps my eyes to differentiate what I’m looking at.


I glued a stick-on vinyl floor tile stuck to a Masonite floor tile. I decided to keep the natural sandy color and highlighted the textures with some earth brown dry-brushing.  Lastly, I filled it all in with some Wargames Factory Skeletons, some banners and some pottery made from beads.



Now if I can just figure out how to match the color of this floor to the bases of my skirmish party I’ll be in business.

Thanks for looking!

Night Owl


From the Shadows

I have to admit that the undead might be my favorite race.  Somehow they feed  my darker side and allow me to get in touch with all things morbid and unnatural.  I have been collecting undead miniatures for a while now and have built for them a display board.  Unfortunately, it proved not to be big enough as I still have 50+ Wargames Factory skeletons and 25 or so Mantic zombies to add to the mix.  It has always been an ongoing project that will probably never be completely finished so let me see what I can cull out of the goods for a skirmish army.



I’ll start with the Skeletal Orcs from WOTC defunct Chainmail series.  They were supplied with a great axe but I lost one years ago and just recently added new arms and swords to one of them.


Next I’ll use the Reaper Bones skeletons for Melee troops.  These little fellas have been block painted and dipped but still need weapon details painted.


Next for the Healers will be Reaper spirits:


For the mages I’ll use the old Games Workshop Tomb Kings banner bearer and the WOTC Chainmail Necromancer Ahmut.



And finally for the Champion I’ll be using the Gamezone Vampire standard bearer.



Like the demon army some of these will need to be repainted and/or touched up as they have had some use over time and they’ll all need to be rebased to 30MM rounds.

I’d like to maybe go with a crypt themed display board for this race but work off the existing graveyard theme.  The intention initially was to be able to use the displays as modular terrain and in the future races I would like to focus more on that.

Well, there you go .  This race will probably take a few weeks and I’ve got some good ideas for how to do the crypt display – is anyone else thinking Skyrim influence?


Night Owl

What’s the deal with these elements I keep refering to?


I have been tossing around a lot of ideas in my head for a while trying to create a world rooted in magic.  In my research I went down the road of Paganism,  earth magic and shamanism.  Touched on the idea of “bending” like that of the animated series Avatar.  Explored the world of witchcraft and the ways of the Wicca.  Meandered through the lore of Native American folklore and medicine men.  I drifted around the Mysticism of the ancient Asian religions.  I even ducked into the shadows of Voodoo magic and swamp alchemy for a bit.  And while none of them really encapsulated what I was searching for they all had parts that interested me.

Then I came across this graphic on Google search and thought it captured what I was looking for as it went beyond the four primary elements of air, fire, earth and water.  It is noted that wulfgard.net is no longer available so I don’t know much about it other than I really like the graphic.



So the races I’ve been making are all based on some aspect of this chart.

  • Frost – Frost Barbarians
  • Magma – Demons
  • Lightning – Storm Elves
  • Divine – Human Inquisitors

Each tribe has the ability to access and utilize an elemental magic.  Some have gotten a good foothold on this while others are not quite there (wait until you see what the goblins are all about!).

On another note, I was able to get a few dry runs in.  It went pretty good and each game showed me what was working and what needed improvement.  This is all in the early stages so note cards and beads are the tools of choice at this point.




I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I want the champion to be part of the combat or more of a General who sits back and enhances the troops on the battlefield with spells and bonuses.  As with all things it is still a work in progress.

Check in next week for a new Tribe.

Thanks for looking,

Night Owl



Divine Inquisitors Finished

The fourth race is finished.  The Inquisitors.


I started out the bases with what I call “turf”.  This is fine mulch that you get at the garden center.  I run it through an old coffee grinder for a few seconds. This breaks it up into a smaller scale particle but not enough to pulverize it into a powder so that it still has some texture.


Next I throw on some Woodland Scenics flock.


Then I top it with Secret Weapons’ Summer Leaf Mix:


I followed this recipe for the ruins and “greened it up” a little bit.




A few of the footmen:



The ranged crossbowman:


The Healers:



The Angel:


And the Grand Inquisitor:



I was painting this guy up and trying to come up with some background that would justify the ruins:

The Divine source is an ancient and mythical element.  It was fabled to be only a legend as it was oppressed long ago, however, pockets of devoted followers kept it alive under great secrecy.  The followers were poor and humble, yet stoutly proud.  Recently, rumors of it’s resurgence was thought to be only another passing cult.  Then the Angels arrived and the land knew that the Divine had indeed returned.

Some of their spells will be:

  • Cocoon of Light: 1 allied unit immune from attack for 1 turn
  • Sunstroke: 1 point of damage to 1 enemy unit
  • Sun Shower: 1 point of damage to an area (1 hex plus all six adjacent hexes)

I’m kinda get itchy to test a few of these skirmish groups.  I don’t know if I’ll have time but I would like to try out a few games this weekend.  The rules are scattered throughout a spiral notebook but I think I can pull it together enough to try out some basic mechanics.  If it happens I’ll make sure to take pics and post an update.

Thanks for taking a gander,

Night Owl