What color is magma?

After trying numerous ways to come up with some kind of a terrain and basing technique that would represent the element of magma I believe I’ve finally found it.  I tried cracked lava, brimstone and cinder but none of them really jumped.  What I realized is that it wasn’t the texture that wasn’t working as much as the color.  Magma isn’t so much represented by a color but by a brightness of light. In other words it has its own light source.  That proved to be the hurdle that I overcame by getting some neon paints.


So I started out with a 12″ by 12″ piece of foam and shot it with red spray paint.  The aerosol propellant in spray paints slightly melt the foam giving it a bubbly texture.  I sprayed multiple times over certain areas to represent magma flows.


I then painted on neon yellow and neon orange in the recessed areas, followed that with gloss and a black dry brush.


That was easy enough but how do I get the bases to match? I started by laying down a layer of glue:


I gathered some perlite from the garage.  Perlite is volcanic glass that has been superheated and caused to expand.  It is used as a soil amendment.  You can get this in the garden section of your local hardware store or super center for a few bucks.


Next I created a wash using equal parts neon orange paint, Future floor gloss acrylic and water and dripped this onto the base.  The perlite soaked up the mix and I let it dry.


The last step is to dry brush charcoal black lightly over the top of this:


I like the way this is working out so I’ll continue this process throughout the army.



I still have a few miniatures to paint for this army including the big guy.  Mmm…maybe black and purple?


Night Owl