A few additions

It’s been a little tough to stay focused this week for some reason. I’m exploring several avenues for the Legions of the Damned skirmish board terrain but haven’t come across anything that I’m completely sold on yet.  So while the experiments continue I keep working away on the pile.

First, we have a couple of additions to the Legions army.

The Summoner (Reaper miniatures):


Another Succubus (Reaper miniatures):


The Possessed (Mantic Zombies):


I also added two additions to the Frost Barbarians that will get based this weekend:

The Healer (Sharyn, Reaper miniatures):


And an Archer from Westwind Minatures’ Dwarf Wars:


I have a few other projects started but I’ll wait to show them when they’re a little closer to completion.

Back to the lava board…Styrofoam…cork…plaster…???


Night Owl




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