Umm…err…there are Demons in my head?

One of the skirmish bands I’m trying to bring together are my demons.  These will be heavily based on the Disciples II PC game army known as the Legions of the Damned.  Their primary element is magma.  One would think this would be a fairly easy army to collect seeing that devils and demons span quite a few game genres and manufactures.  Not so much.  It’s unbelievable how any demon miniatures have lobster claws.  Demonic crayfish?  No, no, no, that’s just wrong, no clickity-clicks for me.  So let’s see what I have to work with so far:


First,the Hell hounds from the Bones line:


From the same line, the succubus:


Next are the Titan slaves sculpted by Ben Seins and distributed by Crocodile Games.  I added wings to them to give them a little more flair:



The Darkspawn Demon Warrior from Reapers Warlord line:


Next we have the Imps from the Ex Illis line:


Things get weird here with Gamezone demons.  They are textured like a sponge and while I like them I’m not sure how cohesive they will be. I suppose demons and devils come in all forms though.


Also will be Gene Van Horne’s Pit Fiend from the Reaper Bones line:


And lastly, Rauthuros from the same line:


Some of these need to be repainted while others may or may not make the cut.   This is a bit of a motley crew but the idea behind this project is to find something to do with all the random miniatures that I’ve accumulated on sale or clearance and give them a home.  Next week we’ll be looking at getting some matching paint themes and coming up with a plan for basing these conjured beasts.


Night Owl