Invaders From the North

Today I got the last of my Northern Barbarians painted.  I think watching the Vikings premier the other night got me itching to finish them.  I had to search for specific miniatures to use for this skirmish army and have so far, I think, been fairly successful.

The idea behind this faction is a nomadic tribe that utilizes frost as their primary element and wolves as their primary animal companion.  This is part of a skirmish game that I’m developing that will have multiple races all using elemental forces.  Think Might & Magic or Disciples to get an idea of how this will work.  More on that as it develops.

Here is an overview of them (not the best pics as I’m still trying to tweak the new workspace):


And some closeups.  This is a Chaos Hero on horseback made by Gamezone Miniatures of Spain and has had the shield replaced with one from an old Demonic Gnoll made by WOTC from their late Chainmail series:


The mage is a Tre Manor sculpt and distributed by Hasslefree Miniatures:


This is a Rusted Heroes miniature. I believe they are out of business but they can still be floating around ebay and game stores:


I tried to paint the axe as a Skyrim glass axe but looking at it now I might need to hit it with a satin finish.


Also mixed in are some Reaper wolves, some Freeblades miniatures and some Zenit scuplts.  I love the idea of being free to pick and choose from different manufacturers and not be confined to certain lines.  I’ve only completed the base on one miniature and am currently working on designing a display board for them.  In fact, later this week I’ll post a tutorial on basing with snow as I get this crew all set up for the board.


Night Owl


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