Legions of the Damned are Done

This weekend I was able to get some paint on Rauthuros, sculpted by Chaz Elliot, and included in the Reaper Bones Vampire Kickstarter set.  I wanted to do something other than the traditional red and black which already seemed to heavily dominate the demon army. I chose a midnight blue base color and highlighted him with successive lighter blues.  What do you think?




And the rest of the army got based:


The Hellhound:


The Healer:


That wraps up the Legions and the second skirmish army.

Before I start on the next army I think I’m starting to get the itch to work on some more terrain but I have no idea what to do…the funny thing about creative spurts is I never know what is going to get me excited next.  It’s a lot like fishing – you throw out the line, get some nibbles, then all the sudden you land a fish.  Well, right now I’m in the nibble stage so we’ll see what we hook into next post!


Night Owl


What color is magma?

After trying numerous ways to come up with some kind of a terrain and basing technique that would represent the element of magma I believe I’ve finally found it.  I tried cracked lava, brimstone and cinder but none of them really jumped.  What I realized is that it wasn’t the texture that wasn’t working as much as the color.  Magma isn’t so much represented by a color but by a brightness of light. In other words it has its own light source.  That proved to be the hurdle that I overcame by getting some neon paints.


So I started out with a 12″ by 12″ piece of foam and shot it with red spray paint.  The aerosol propellant in spray paints slightly melt the foam giving it a bubbly texture.  I sprayed multiple times over certain areas to represent magma flows.


I then painted on neon yellow and neon orange in the recessed areas, followed that with gloss and a black dry brush.


That was easy enough but how do I get the bases to match? I started by laying down a layer of glue:


I gathered some perlite from the garage.  Perlite is volcanic glass that has been superheated and caused to expand.  It is used as a soil amendment.  You can get this in the garden section of your local hardware store or super center for a few bucks.


Next I created a wash using equal parts neon orange paint, Future floor gloss acrylic and water and dripped this onto the base.  The perlite soaked up the mix and I let it dry.


The last step is to dry brush charcoal black lightly over the top of this:


I like the way this is working out so I’ll continue this process throughout the army.



I still have a few miniatures to paint for this army including the big guy.  Mmm…maybe black and purple?


Night Owl


A few additions

It’s been a little tough to stay focused this week for some reason. I’m exploring several avenues for the Legions of the Damned skirmish board terrain but haven’t come across anything that I’m completely sold on yet.  So while the experiments continue I keep working away on the pile.

First, we have a couple of additions to the Legions army.

The Summoner (Reaper miniatures):


Another Succubus (Reaper miniatures):


The Possessed (Mantic Zombies):


I also added two additions to the Frost Barbarians that will get based this weekend:

The Healer (Sharyn, Reaper miniatures):


And an Archer from Westwind Minatures’ Dwarf Wars:


I have a few other projects started but I’ll wait to show them when they’re a little closer to completion.

Back to the lava board…Styrofoam…cork…plaster…???


Night Owl



Umm…err…there are Demons in my head?

One of the skirmish bands I’m trying to bring together are my demons.  These will be heavily based on the Disciples II PC game army known as the Legions of the Damned.  Their primary element is magma.  One would think this would be a fairly easy army to collect seeing that devils and demons span quite a few game genres and manufactures.  Not so much.  It’s unbelievable how any demon miniatures have lobster claws.  Demonic crayfish?  No, no, no, that’s just wrong, no clickity-clicks for me.  So let’s see what I have to work with so far:


First,the Hell hounds from the Bones line:


From the same line, the succubus:


Next are the Titan slaves sculpted by Ben Seins and distributed by Crocodile Games.  I added wings to them to give them a little more flair:



The Darkspawn Demon Warrior from Reapers Warlord line:


Next we have the Imps from the Ex Illis line:


Things get weird here with Gamezone demons.  They are textured like a sponge and while I like them I’m not sure how cohesive they will be. I suppose demons and devils come in all forms though.


Also will be Gene Van Horne’s Pit Fiend from the Reaper Bones line:


And lastly, Rauthuros from the same line:


Some of these need to be repainted while others may or may not make the cut.   This is a bit of a motley crew but the idea behind this project is to find something to do with all the random miniatures that I’ve accumulated on sale or clearance and give them a home.  Next week we’ll be looking at getting some matching paint themes and coming up with a plan for basing these conjured beasts.


Night Owl

Skating Away on the Thin Ice…

This is the final post for the Northern Barbarians project. This is one of 14 armies I’m gathering to use in my tabletop skirmish board game. I still would like to find another archer or two and perhaps a shaman miniature down the road but I’m pretty happy with how this played out.


Here’s a quick rundown of how I did this.






I have five trees and a campfire as fillers so that if someday I decide to expand the group I can add more figures.

As of now, this one is officially going to the display shelf.  Thanks for following along.


Night Owl


Snow and Ice Bases

I’ve heard it said that every time we do something to push ourselves a little further than we are comfortable with. This is how we get better. I’m feeling like I’ve got a little momentum going finally so I’m going to push and try some stuff I’ve never done. I think I’m very happy with what has happened! This is a little how-to about how I based my miniatures with snow and ice.


I’ll walk you through it step by step and list products used throughout.

Step 1:  I primed and painted my slot bases white.  Let these dry.


Step 2: I painted the recessed area with Bahama Blue Americana craft paint.  Let these dry.


Step 3: I covered the newly painted area with Folk Art crackle medium.  Let this dry.


Step 4: Paint over this with white paint.  I had to work fairly quick on this step because before I could finish each base it was already starting to crackle.  Let this dry.


Step 5: Mix up some baking soda, white paint and a little water. I don’t know exact parts but I had the consistency of a thin paste.  In fact it was just runny enough that each time I grabbed the camera to take a picture it would drip off the toothpick just as I was focusing.


Step 6: Next I glued my miniatures into the bases and covered the slot with a little bit of the paste but trying not to cover the entire base. A little here and a little there.


Step 7: Now the magic happens.  I found a product about a year ago that I love to use for water effects.  It is called Triple Thick gloss glaze and made by DecoArt.


Step 8: Using a toothpick I spread some of this medium onto the crackle areas but not the baking soda areas and viola!



Next I thought to try something different for my wolves.  I cut up some cork board pieces, glued them to the base and followed the same process from there.




So there you have the run down on my snow and ice bases.  I was a little intimidated to go out of my comfort zone of just using baking soda but I’m sure glad I did.  Hopefully there is something here that you can use on a project, or even better, something that might make you think of a better way of doing things.  Give it a shot!


Night Owl

Invaders From the North

Today I got the last of my Northern Barbarians painted.  I think watching the Vikings premier the other night got me itching to finish them.  I had to search for specific miniatures to use for this skirmish army and have so far, I think, been fairly successful.

The idea behind this faction is a nomadic tribe that utilizes frost as their primary element and wolves as their primary animal companion.  This is part of a skirmish game that I’m developing that will have multiple races all using elemental forces.  Think Might & Magic or Disciples to get an idea of how this will work.  More on that as it develops.

Here is an overview of them (not the best pics as I’m still trying to tweak the new workspace):


And some closeups.  This is a Chaos Hero on horseback made by Gamezone Miniatures of Spain and has had the shield replaced with one from an old Demonic Gnoll made by WOTC from their late Chainmail series:


The mage is a Tre Manor sculpt and distributed by Hasslefree Miniatures:


This is a Rusted Heroes miniature. I believe they are out of business but they can still be floating around ebay and game stores:


I tried to paint the axe as a Skyrim glass axe but looking at it now I might need to hit it with a satin finish.


Also mixed in are some Reaper wolves, some Freeblades miniatures and some Zenit scuplts.  I love the idea of being free to pick and choose from different manufacturers and not be confined to certain lines.  I’ve only completed the base on one miniature and am currently working on designing a display board for them.  In fact, later this week I’ll post a tutorial on basing with snow as I get this crew all set up for the board.


Night Owl