Linka Molds

I recently acquired several brick Linka molds.  I’ve worked with Hirst molds for a couple of years now  and I thought why not start on some WWII era projects for smaller armies.  These are classified as 1/76 scale and can be used for several scales including HO(1/87) and 20mm (1/72).  So I cleaned them with soap and knowing that I always make more hydrocal than I need I proceeded to spend the afternoon pouring Linka and Hirst Arts molds.

IMG_9202  IMG_9203

The Linka molds are made of a flexible plastic that almost resembles firm rubber.  There is a little bit of a learning curve with using these.  Hirst Arts silicone molds allow you the push the product out of the mold when it has dried.  Linka molds, on the other hand, require you to “peel” the mold off the finished product.  The web site recommends that you do not flex the molds so do not  twist them just peel them.  For those of you who have used both products that will make sense.

The best advice I can give concerning Linka molds is patience and gentleness.  They are wonderful products but don’t plan on getting in a hurry.

IMG_9212 IMG_9213

Let them dry overnight and proceed to assemble as you like.  The wonderful thing about this project is the broken pieces are good for ruined buildings so if you break a few getting them out of the molds it’s fine.  I painted my first batch up using a red base but will probably move to more browns and earth tones for future builds.

Here are my first Linka mold buildings. I used textured wallpaper for the roof areas and sheet cork for the bases.  I need to work on getting the seams a little more disguised and will eventually add signs and some wood molding to some as well as rubble to the ruined buildings.




Pictured here with 1/72 Plastic Soldier Company Sherman M4A4 and Panzer IV for size reference.




That is this weeks project.  I will be exploring both Linka molds and Hirst Arts Molds more deeply in the future.


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